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08 April 2010



Seems to me that Murdoch,a famed technophobe, is simply out of touch. As you say, give people the option and they'll go for free online content everytime (as the Newsday example clearly demonstrated http://www.observer.com/2010/media/after-three-months-only-35-subscriptions-newsdays-web-site).

The only successful examples of paid for online news are for specialist content that isn't widely available for free.

Surely, the solution is to build a strong, loyal online readership and sell advertising off the back of it (the online advertising market is growing afer all).

Laura Mead

When online advertising has worked for almost every other industry, you do have to beg the question, why it hasn't worked for newspapers yet. I wonder about their approach - after all, as you say, they need a strong, loyal online readership to make advertising work and I think you could count those that have managed to make this happen on one hand...

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