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27 January 2010



How did things resolve with T-mobile? Did you end up having to pay the bill?
We are in the US and I just learned today that we are facing similar charges - my husband's phone (which had been long out of use, but kept as a back-up phone) was appropriated for illegal calls to El Salvador (raking up charges of $5000 over the last two months). We received NO indication of such calls on any of my recent T-Mobile bills... and weren't informed of such charges until today when our services were suspended.
Do we have ANY recourse? I am livid.

Kathryn Mills-Webb

Seems like mobile phone companies have the same policies no matter which country you're in.

We had some luck with this - I contacted all the national newspapers here and a journalist from the Times then contacted T-Mobile about this. Following that, they offered to halve the bill which we begrudgingly accepted. Of course, your bill is significantly more than ours was, so I might have continued to push this in your situation.

Your best bet is probably to contact the media about this. If you can get some journalists interested in the story, they may back down - seems to be the only way to get them to react here anyway!

In the UK there's also several ombudsmans you can contact - presume there is something similar in the US?

Good luck!

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