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03 October 2006


Stephen Waddington

There are some great points there, Claire. Technology is great at cutting out some of the mundane in life but we have to remember that nothing can beat social interaction with real people. Communicating via chatrooms is all well and good but meeting someone, with their body language and paralanguage continuously communicating can never reproduced online. Bullying is horrible and whilst technology can remove it, there will always be limitations to what technology can provide for us and we should be careful of what we have to give up.

Virtual worlds should be used as a means of enjoyment - and maybe as a marketing tool for certain PR firms :) - not as a replacement for human interaction.


I'd agree with you there, Claire. Also, whilst a lot of bullying does occur in the playground etc, there's probably an equal amount of it going on in the adult world - it's just that we're slightly better equipped to handle it. I'd certainly agree that virtual worlds can't really build your confidence - you do need real life for that.

I think .Net magazine has a Big Question coming up on this kind of issue and it's certainly an interesting one.

- Btw, a director of Ranier, poking fun at Text100, on the JK blog? Small world, PR.

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